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Available As Of May 21, 2013

Apply For A New Scion Loan Program - Good Credit
Submit a car loan application to Scion dealers in your area that can secure the lowest interest rates, and best terms. Scion leasing programs also available.

Apply For A Scion Car Loan Program - Bad Credit
Submit a car loan application to local car dealers who can assist those with a bad credit history, and offer Scion cars for sale.

Apply For Buy Here Pay Here Payment Plan - Scion
Submit an application to local buy here pay here car dealers with Scion vehicles for sale. Must be able to prove current income, and residency.

Find Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers In Your Neighborhood.

For those with the most severe credit problems, in the past, who may be looking to purchase a Scion vehicle,Buy Here Pay Here Scion Sales And Dealers a buy here pay here car dealer, with Scion models in stock, and available for sale, may be a good option. The ezonecars.com network of buy here pay here car dealers focus not on the customer's credit score, but rather, the customer's current income, and ability to fulfill the terms of the loan agreement.

Our dealers currently carry a wide range of Scion models, including the Fr-s, Lg, Tc, Xa, and xB. So, if you can provide proof of income, and residence, we can help you get behind the wheel of the Scion you want and deserve.

Bad Credit Scion Dealers In Your Area.

For those who have a bad credit history, but can still produce a credit score of at least 600, we can connect you to local Scion dealers who have programs specifically designed to assist you. Although subprime loan programs usually come with a higher interest rate, they usually require little more than proof of income, and residency. To qualify for a subprime loan program, at your local Scion dealership, you will need to have a monthly income of at least $1550.

Apply For A Scion Lease Program - All Credit Types
Submit a lease application to local Scion dealers, and sellers, who provide lease programs. All credit types accepted. Must have proof of current income.

Pre-Approved Car Loans For All Credit Situations.

For some, regardless of your prior credit history, the best answer isScion Car Loans For Bad Credit. a pre-approved car loan. With a pre-approved car loan, you can walk into your local Scion dealership with a check in hand. You may also purchase your Scion from other sources, such as Craigslist, eBay, or your local published classified ads, where financing help is not provided. In any case, what ever your credit situation, whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit at all, we can help you.

Bad Credit Scion Dealers

Vehicle Review: 2012 Scion iQ
Posted May 21, 2013

The future arrived and came in a pocket-size urban runabout designed for utility, not speed. The 2012 Scion iQ measures barely 10 feet long, can spin around in a turning circle about the size of two king-size mattresses and gets 37 mpg on the EPA 2012 Scion iQ | Bad Credit Scion Car Loanscombined cycle. Toyota reckons that this makes the Scion iQ the perfect expression of personal mobility as urban living becomes more popular among a younger generation in search of jobs and affordable housing.

You'll probably notice right away that there were less expensive cars that offer more interior room and power than the iQ. But this 2012 Scion meant to make smallness a virtue and fit in with the way that people really live in metropolitan areas. This means a car that is small on the outside and big on the inside. It's meant to feed on the leftover scraps of curbside parking found on the street, even as it offers a full-size experience when it comes to cabin comfort and electronic entertainment............more

The New 2013 Scion iQ Review
Posted May 2013, 2013

The 2013 Scion iQ is truly a small car. It has a 78.7-inch wheelbase and is only 120.1 inches long. Yet with a track of 66.1-inches, it’s as wide as any car.

Two people in the front of the car are as comfortable, and have as much room, as they 2013 Scion iQ | Bad Credit Scion Dealerwould in a sub-compact. You can choose whether to leave the seats up in back or put them down to claim more cargo space. With the rear seats up, the trunk is about four inches deep.

If you consider it a two-seater, there’s plenty of room for driver and passenger. With the rear seats down, there’s enough cargo space to support two people.

The interior is what you’d expect in a car committed to the young. It’s funky without being edgy.

The front seats are comfortable, and there’s enough space between you and the dashboard and windshield to keep the feeling open. There aren’t a lot of gadgets; the model I tested had a manual heating system and no heated seats, although the driver’s window did have auto up and down.

The Scion iQ comes with a standard AM/FM/CD/HD/USB 160-watt Pioneer audio system that includes Bluetooth and high-definition HD Radio. There’s an optional 200-watt maximum Pioneer that has the same features as the standard model, but uses a 5.8-inch LCD touch-screen display. It also has iTunes tagging, Pandora Internet radio through your iPhone and six RCA outputs should you wish to add external amplifiers.

For music lovers, this would be good. I would’ve liked to see a better 2012 Scion iQ | Bad Credit Car Loan Programsstandard stereo for this customer base. Music is an essential part of their lifestyle, and this audio system produces a sound that’s at best average. There is a navigation system available, but I haven’t used it.

There are a lot of things you can do to have fun in this car. I had a lot of fun in parking lots, for example, and parking in uncanny places to irritate folks driving bigger cars.

In spite of being a tiny city car, the iQ performs well. It can accelerate quickly enough for metro driving, and will even head up an interstate on-ramp at a decent rate of acceleration.

The power comes from a 1.3-liter, four-cylinder engine generating 94 hp. and 89 lb.-ft. of peak torque. Toyota says the combined fuel economy rating is an EPA-estimated 36 mpg in the city and 37 mpg on the highway, for a combined fuel economy rating of 37 mpg.

Latest Scion News
April 29, 2013

Scion is simultaneously celebrating its ten-year anniversary with the 10 Series models and trying to figure out what to do with itself over the next ten years. Once a go-to consideration for young, first-time buyers who wanted something cool and different, in 2013 it has a model everyone is still talking about in the FR-S, a model few are still talking about in the iQ, and three models in between in the tC, xB and xD that make everyone wonder, "What happened?"

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New Scion Additions
2012 Scion iQ
2012 Scion iQ
7k Miles
Bad Credit Scion Loan Available

2012 Scion iQ
2012 Scion iQ
5k Miles
Bad Credit Scion Loan Available

2009 Scion xD
2009 Scion xD
53k Miles
Bad Credit Scion Loan Available

2009 Scion xB
2009 Scion xB
71k Miles
Bad Credit Scion Loan Available

2007 Scion tC
2007 Scion tC
52k Miles
Bad Credit Scion Loan Available

2004 Scion xB
2004 Scion xB
100k Miles
Bad Credit Scion Loan Available

2004 Scion xA
2004 Scion xA
7975k Miles
Bad Credit Scion Loan Available

2012 Scion tC
2012 Scion tC
29k Miles
Bad Credit Scion Loan Available

2012 Scion iQ
2012 Scion iQ
28k Miles
Cash Only

2011 Scion tC
2011 Scion tC
32k Miles
Bad Credit Scion Loan Available

2008 Scion xD
2008 Scion xD
100k Miles
Bad Credit Scion Loan Available

2008 Scion xB
2008 Scion xB
57k Miles
Bad Credit Scion Loan Available

2008 Scion tC
2008 Scion tC
74k Miles
Bad Credit Scion Loan Available

2007 Scion tC
2007 Scion tC
62k Miles
Bad Credit Scion Loan Available

2006 Scion xB
2006 Scion xB
88k Miles
Bad Credit Scion Loan Available

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